Hardstone LCoS AR-HUD2.0 Won Annual Outstanding Product AwardRelease date:2023-12-19

On December 15th, 2023, the 7th GaoGong Intelligent Vehicle Annual Conference • the Golden Globe Awards Ceremony was grandly launched in Shanghai, China. Hardstone, with its core competitiveness in technological innovation, product strength, and R&D capability, won “2023 GaoGong Golden Globe Award - LCoS AR-HUD 2.0 Annual Outstanding Product”.


The Gaogong Golden Globe Award, renowned as the industry's "Oscar," holds significant prestige in the field of intelligent vehicles. Adhering to principles of fairness and objectivity, the Award has become a benchmark for measuring the innovation ability and brand influence of enterprises. Hardstone won the Award again, which reflects the industry's high recognition of Hardstone.


Industry-leading display technology contributes to the success of Hardstone LCoS AR-HUD2.0.

Despite the remarkable achievements in the two mainstream HUD display technologies, TFT-LCD and DLP, Hardstone rose to the challenges and developed LCoS PGU for AR-HUD, which currently achieves mass production capabilities. Compared to TFT-LCD and DLP, LCoS PGU developed by Hardstone stands out with high contrast, high resolution, low power consumption, and freedom from patent monopolies.

Hardstone LCoS AR-HUD 2.0, maximizes the advantages of LCoS technology. This cutting-edge product not only supports a full-color display with a high light output of 140lm, but also boasts outstanding 2K-level resolution and 1500:1 high contrast ratio. Additionally, built-in automotive-grade optical lenses ensures uniform light distribution, achieving a brightness exceeding 15,000 nit and a uniformity of over 90%. What’s more, supported by optical design and mathematical modeling optimization, this product is equipped with high-precision curved mirrors, achieving 13°x5° FOV and >13m VID in a small volume, covering three lanes.


To shape an outstanding product, both leading technology and user-centered focus matter.

While robust R&D strength is undoubtedly important, maintaining a user-centered focus is also essential. The intelligent cockpit products of Hardstone prioritize both driver and passenger in-vehicle experiences, surpassing mere hardware upgrades. Hardstone has been striving for perfection in product design, usage scenarios, and assisted driving functions, to make the human-car interaction safer and more enjoyable.

The UI design of LCoS AR-HUD2.0 incorporates Hardstone's proprietary AR algorithm to optimize the entire interactive interface for better integration of AR images with real-world scenes. Additionally, professional analysis models are utilized to simulate sunlight load and glare elimination, realizing performance indicators and optical display effects that are currently leading in the industry. Furthermore, with high-precision maps and positioning, this product provides drivers with clear displays for navigation, reminders and warnings by integrating current location, maps, and scene AI, achieving interconnection between vehicles, roads, and the environment.


Increasing trends in cars equipped with HUD have been observed this year. With HUD, especially AR-HUD, gradually gaining recognition from automotive manufacturers, it will become the primary interactive interface in the next generation of vehicles. According to the latest research report by QYResearch, the global market of automotive HUD is projected to reach $3.917 billion by 2029, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.8% in the coming years.


Looking ahead, Hardstone will ride the wave of industry development. with robust full-stack product development capabilities and comprehensive service capabilities, Hardstone is committed to contributing to users, the industry, and clients!

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