Hardstone Was Awarded KPMG China Leading Auto-tech TOP50 EnterpriseRelease date:2023-09-15

On September 14, 2023, KPMG unveiled the 6th China Leading Auto-tech Top50 List in Shanghai. Hardstone, with cutting-edge R&D capabilities and excellent product strength in the field of automotive intelligent cockpit, successfully stood out and was awarded “KPMG China Leading Auto-tech TOP50 Enterprise”.

Being among the world's four largest accounting firms, KPMG's objectivity and authority are beyond doubt. The TOP50 recognition to Hardstone is not only a proof of Hardstone’s outstanding capabilities, but also a motivation for Hardstone to continuously move forward!

Driven by technological innovation and consumption upgrading, the definition of cars is gradually changing from " transportation facility" to the "Third Living Space". The intelligent cockpit, as the most direct interface connecting users and vehicles, plays a crucial role.

Given this background, the robust market demand has driven the surge in in-vehicle HUD applications. As an indispensable component of the intelligent cockpit, the head-up display can project multiple vehicle information into the driver’s vision field, enhancing driving safety. Furthermore, it contributes to advancing vehicle intelligence. By transforming the car cockpit into a platform for information, entertainment, and advertising, HUD serves as the bridge for users to truly “drive” into "Third Living Space".

Amidst the swift evolution of the automotive industry, AR-HUD, boasting advanced technology, excellent human-vehicle interaction experience, and high driving safety, is poised to spearhead the industry's development in the coming years. It can be seen that mastering the leading PGU technology of AR-HUD PGU is the key to standing out.

Among mainstream PGU technologies of AR-HUD, LCoS technology, with its excellent display performance and absence of technological monopolies, will be the best choice for AR-HUD. Hardstone's latest achievement, LCoS AR-HUD 2.0, maximizes the advantages of LCoS technology. This cutting-edge product not only supports a full-color display with a high light output of 140lm, but also boasts outstanding 2K-level resolution, 1500:1 high contrast ratio, and 15000nits high brightness. In addition, supported by optical design and mathematical modeling optimization, this product is equipped with high-precision curved mirrors, achieving 13°x5° FOV and >13m VID in a small volume. Professional analysis models are also utilized to simulate sunlight load and glare elimination, realizing performance indicators and optical display effects that are currently leading in the industry. What’s more, the projection lens adopts 8G all glass design with a large aperture of F/2.0, reducing 5% PGU volume and saving space (2-3L) for the LCD Cluster to suit various vehicle models.

The way to success for Hardstone is by enduring technological advancements and innovation. Today, Hardstone has achieved remarkable breakthroughs in the field of intelligent automotive cockpits, holding a distinctive advantage in the development, design, and application of AR-HUD. Looking ahead, Hardstone will continue to maintain a forward-looking perspective, constantly expanding into innovative areas, and bringing forth more possibilities for the intelligent automotive industry.

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