Cutting-edge Tech| Hardstone Stands Out with HUD Automated EOI Calibration EquipmentRelease date:2023-06-02

As one of the pioneeringHUD suppliers in automotive electronics industry, Hardstone is dedicated to forward-lookingR&D and independentinnovation, continuously improving product performance and user experience. Recently,Hardstone unveiled its third-generation HUD AutomatedEOI Calibration Equipment (EOI-Engineering Optical Inspections), agroundbreaking tool that has undergone extensive exploration and gradualimprovement, evolving from the first generation's functional exploration to thesecond generation's semi-automation, and now reaching the forefront of theindustry with full-automation. Please find below for further details of thisremarkable technology:

Automated EOI Calibration Broadensthe Future of Technology

HUD Automated EOI CalibrationEquipment developed by Hardstone showcases its strong technical capabilitiesand innovative prowess. This equipment supports fully automated R&D and calibration of HUD, enablingautomatic calibration for FOV, VID, brightness, distortion, and various otherfunctions. Leveraging intelligent systems and advanced algorithms, this equipmentachieves exceptional accuracy and stability, providing an intelligent and high-efficienttesting process for HUD research and development.

Automated FOV and VID Calibration BreaksVisual Boundaries

HUD Automated EOI CalibrationEquipment pioneers new frontier, which supports the automated calibration ofHUD FOV (Field of View) and VID (Virtual Image Distance). Covering a wild measurementrange, from W-HUD to AR-HUD, this equipment presents a broader, clearer, andmore realistic sense of distance for virtual image display in the driver'sfield of view, further expanding the technical boundaries of HUD virtual imagedisplay. This enhancement provides reliable driving safety for drivers.

Accurate Distortion and BrightnessCalibration for Better Driving Enjoyment

HUD Automated EOI CalibrationEquipment boasts outstanding distortion calibration capabilities, achieving anextremely low distortion level and delivering high-precision display accuracywith a distortion rate of less than 1%. Furthermore, the equipment featuresautomated brightness level calibration, with a calibration range of 100 levels.This ensures that HUD achieves optimal display performance under variouslighting conditions, minimizing glare and blurriness, and providing acomfortable and worry-free driving experience.

Intelligent Communication Function Testfor Stable Information Transmission

HUD Automated EOI CalibrationEquipment enables automatic testing of communication functionality. Thisfeature supports rapid and accurate assessment of communication performancebetween HUD and the host system, including transmission speed, data accuracy,and stability, among other key indicators. Efficient and precise testfacilitates prompt execution of optimization and adjustment, thereby ensuringthe optimal display of key information on the HUD such as navigationinstructions, vehicle status, and road alerts. Simultaneously, it guarantees smoothand stable information transmission between HUD and the host system, deliveringexcellent driving safety for drivers.

Efficient Processes Empower OEMs toConduct Rapid HUD Inspections

Tailoring to thedifferentiated needs of OEM customers, HUD Automated EOI Calibration Equipmentoffers a highly efficient and precise testing process. It provides the OEMs withflexible and reliable engineering optical inspections of HUD, supporting onlinetesting and evaluation of HUD performance. In this way, the controllability of productquality is achieved.

With its state-of-the-arttechnology and powerful performance, HUD Automated EOI Calibration Equipment developedby Hardstone sets itself apart in the field of automotive intelligent cockpits.As an industry-leading solution, it serves as the robust technical support for Hardstone'sW-HUD and AR-HUD, and will further propel the continual advancement andinnovation of HUD technology. Hardstone is committed to providing consumersand customers with trustworthy quality and services. We believe that in thefuture, HUD Automated EOI Calibration Equipment will become a reliableassistant for OEMs and even the entire HUD industry.

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